Journal 132-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Thursday–July 1, 2021
Trail Day–132
Trail Mile–-12.0/1488.9
Location–Rattlesnake Run Road, AT Mile 1070.2

Gathered up all my stuff this morning, last day here at Holiday Inn Express. Been great!

Each day I move a little further north. After a few days, it adds up, the drive back this morning taking almost an hour.

It rained off and on last night, and it continues steady this morning as Robin pulls off at Foxville Road. Lucky is here. He’s brought Nimrod who wants to hike with me today.

The rain just adds to the not-so-happy time. I linger in the rain, try to find words to thank Robin, then to wish her well. She lingers too, under the rear hatch; sad look on her face. Finally, I shoulder my pack, put my poncho on–and go.

A short mileage day, but a difficult one. A long, hard climb, up and more up, through a cobbed-up heap of boulders. Then a very scary, precipitous bail-off, down the other side. Lucky drove around and parked at Rattlesnake Run Road, and from there, he’s hiked south to meet us. Our paths cross on another nearly straight down boulder pile.

Some old wagon roads, remnants of cellars, stone walls, other clues of long-ago dwelling sites down lower where there’s still some dirt.

A little before one, and at the Mason Dixon Line, I put another state behind me, Maryland. I’ve now reached Pennsylvania, soon to enter the notorious Pennsylvania rocks.

An old place but kept up and clean, the Days Inn, downtown Waynesboro, Pennsylvania–Lucky puts me up in a single. Hey, there’s a tub and plenty of hot water!

As my dear friend (now deceased) would often say…



Life is good!
(Curtis Wolfhound Hillman GAME ’98)

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