Journal 131-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Wednesday–June 30, 2021
Trail Day–131
Trail Mile–-14.7/1,476.9
Location—Foxville Rd, MD 77, then to Holiday Inn Express, Brunswick, AT Mile 1058.2


Another fine night at Holiday Inn, a really nice room, friendly staff. Robin meets me down in the dining area right at six-thirty. Good nourishing food, energy for this day. I’ve looked at the trail profile. More than enough climbing. I’m headed ever north by seven-thirty.

A fine view down and across the valley from Washington Monument (the not-so-famous one). Somewhere along today I pass from West Virginia into Maryland, but I’m not sure where. I saw no sign. Other hikers have told me there wasn’t one. Anyway, six states behind me, nine to go.

In a recent entry I mentioned the name Earl. Earl Coach Lewis is Robin Lewis’ father, a retired athletic coach from Sylacauga. We’ve been best of friends for a long time.

There’s a funny story about Coach. Let me tell you!

We were sitting around up on Flagg Mountain one day enjoying each others company when the conversation turned to a discussion about who was the oldest, me or Earl. “I’m older than you, Coach–pretty sure.” I tell him. “Na, I’m older than you.” he exclaims. So, I ask, “What year were you born Coach?” “1938.” he says. “Well now, (I tell him) I was born in 1938 too! “What month?” I ask. “October” says Coach. I tell him, “I was born in October, 1938.” I then ask, “What day, Coach?” “Last day of the month, October 31st.” he says. “Well, Coach (that’s when I laughingly blurt) I was born on October 30, 1938; I’m one day older than you!” Can’t make this stuff up!

Rhonda goes for burgers and fries from the local cafe. We gather in the dining area for supper.

There will be a change in my support tomorrow. Robin, Rhonda, and Noah will be heading back to Alabama after I’m on trail in the morning. Matthew Lucky Lee and Bruce Nimrod Wiles will be here from Suches, Georgia, to help me along for the next few days. Lucky stops by for a few minutes and we discuss how it’ll all work.

Nine-thirty now, I try working my journal for today. Doesn’t happen–ZZzzz…


Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.
(Misty Copeland)

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