Journal 130-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Tuesday–June 29, 2021
Trail Day–130
Trail Mile–-14.1/1,462.2
Location–Turners Gap, US-40A, then to Holiday Inn Express, Brunswick, AT Mile 1,043.5

The Holiday Inn Express offers breakfast, cereal, omelets, bacon, muffins, and of course, plenty of coffee. Full tummy; I’m ready.

It’s a short drive back to Weverton Cliffs Trailhead. So, Robin has me back an climbing before 7:30.

It’s another glorious hiking day as I make my way. Harpers Ferry isn’t really visible from the cliffs, but the Potomac River is right below and can be seen for a great distance.

This section of trail–the rocks aren’t as troublesome and I make good time (with my brand spankin’ new shoes) up to Gapland Road, the halfway point for today. Robin, Rhonda, and Noah bring me lunch and I’m able to relax and cool off in the shade at Gathland State Park.

The afternoon doesn’t go quite as well. At the overlook, where the trail makes a sharp turn–and after going out on the bluff to take a few pictures, when I return to the trail I end up going the wrong way (southbound on the trail I came in on). Two miles later, and after meeting The Waz, The Rage, & Nero, I finally get straightened out. Not a fun time. Makes for a long, 18-mile day.

To add to the “aww-jeez” un-needed trailside disturbance, the nearly constant overhead racket from approaching and departing aircraft is nerve wracking–and I’m hard of hearing. The noise is coming from the DC flights for sure. But I think (because I’m further north) Baltimore has been thrown in for good measure.

While staying at Cross Trails Hostel the other evening I had the pleasure of meeting a remarkable talent–her name is Paintsplash. Among her other works, she paints colorful, lifelike murals. The one she’s working on at Cross Trails is really impressive! Oh, and if you have a chance and happen to get by any of these other places, give a look at her happy and colorful works there:

Standing bear

Laughing Heart

Uncle Johnny’s

Station 19

Wild Hearts B&B


Greasy Creek

Boots Off

Broken fFddle

Four Pines

Crosstrails Harper’s ferry

Hikers Welcome

Rattle River


I always like a good steak. Tonight is the night for steak! And what better place than Texas Roadhouse? We have a grand old time!


We want happy paintings.
Happy paintings.
If you want sad things, watch the news.
(Bob Ross)

One Comment on “Journal 130-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

  1. Beautiful works of art from Paintsplash❣️
    So sorry you added unnecessary miles to your journey, Nimble Will, but that is not as unusual an occurrence as one might think. It happens.
    Many wonderful memories and beautiful scenes❣️
    God richly bless you❣️🙂


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