Journal 159-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Wednesday–July 28, 2021
Trail Day–159
Trail Mile–-10.7/1,831.2
Location–NY-9 Appalachian Market, then to Bear Mountain Bridge Motel, Allan Grandpa O’Dell, Proprietor, Fort Montgomery, NY, AT Mile 1,412.5

The well-kept old Bear Mountain Bridge Motel sits right on busy Route 9W in downtown Fort Montgomery. But I enjoyed a quiet, restful night, no noise or disturbance. These old buildings have thick walls and were tightly built. Love these historic old places; neat vintage neon sign!

Grandpa has arranged for a complimentary breakfast for us just a short walk down at Perry’s. I’m set for the day; thanks for your kindness Grandpa!

A mixture of effort and reward today. Considerable climbing both sides of the Hudson River, but a stroll through the Bear Mountain Zoo, plus the crossing of the Hudson River will provide variety, plus excitement.

And so, a long, tough climb it proves to be–up Bear Mountain. But as memory has served me, once again I’ve a really grand view from the tower site. And the descent, well over a thousand perfectly placed stone steps down to Bear Mountain Inn. I meet Barry and Potato Chip at the Inn where I rest awhile before continuing on–through the Bear Mountain Zoo, then across the Bear Mountain Bridge. Both experiences, memorable from the past and equally so today.

It’s a calm day, clear skies, just ideal for the river crossing. Lots of great photos.

Once across, another hard pull up and over Anthony’s Nose. Some amazing views again, down to and across the Hudson.

Destination for today–Appalachian Market at NY-9. Barry, St. Paul & Potato Chip are waiting patiently for me there. I’ll have to admit struggling some today. My energy level was down, but I kept steady at the task, and finished at a respectable time, two-thirty.

A fine supper at Hacienda Mexicana, then an amazing evening. Barry flashes his I.D. (retired army officer) at the gate guard and we’re in and on the grounds at West Point! Check out those photos.

Grandpa’s son, Jason, runs an ice cream parlor in downtown West Point and he’s given each of us a card for complimentary ice cream. What a way to end a perfect day…


How beautiful a day can be,
when kindness touches it.
(George Ellison)

4 Comments on “Journal 159-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

  1. Your journal entries are so interesting to read; your photos are breathtaking; the quotes you include always inspire. Thank you, Will. You are such a treasure.


  2. Harriman State Park is / was my stomping ground growing up and still is with my kids today.Photos are absolutely beautiful.
    Sending you good positive vibes for energy.!


  3. Wonderful pics as always. Especially enjoyed seeing West Point, my Alma Mater. And the old Bear Mountain Inn where my wife and I spent our wedding night. Lots of memories of the Hudson Valley. Hike on, N.N.


  4. Wow, Nimble Will, what a day❣️ Great photos, and it looks as though the trail you traveled got easier goin, if not less ups. Some great adventures this day❣️😎👍👍
    God bless and keep you safe❣️🙂


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