Journal 165-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Tuesday–August 3, 2021
Trail Day–165
Trail Mile–-8.9/1,880.0
Location–Primitive Campsite, West Chairback Pond Stream

Nathan prepares hot oatmeal for us. No tarrying this morning. We need to get on trail. So, Kimm has us back out and hiking before 7:30. This will be a relatively short mileage day, but will no doubt turn out to be a long hiking day. We’ve Barren Mountain to climb, plus Fourth and Third Mountains. Plenty of up and down going, across ledges, through bogs, and over trail totally taken by rocks, boulders and roots. And so, progress is very slow.

But the unforgiving trail takes us through the glorious Barren/Chairback range today, which leads us to magnificent high vistas that provide stunning views out across the rugged mountains–studded with beautiful ponds and lakes. The day has turned absolutely blue-perfect!

Evening, Nathan and I take and treat water from West Chairback Pond outfall, then find a nearby primitive campsite just big enough for two tents.

Treacherous tread today, but no mishaps. Thank you, merciful Lord…


A trail through Maine’s north wilderness,
Past bogs and ponds of blue.
Beckons the restless wanderlust,
Down deep in me and you.

 So, off in the swirling mist we go,
With our boots and raingear on.
While friends at home and folks we love,
Try figurin’ what went wrong.

 But, we’ll rove these woods and mountainsides, A-waitin’ that by-and-by.
A perfect dawn…when packs take wing,
And the treadway climbs the sky.
(N. Nomad – 10/98)

One Comment on “Journal 165-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

  1. Beautiful photos,beautiful poem. Thank you so very much for sharing. You’re doing great! God speed& God Bless.🙂💓🙏


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