Journal 166-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Wednesday–August 4, 2021
Trail Day–166
Trail Mile–-5.6/1,885.6
Location–Katahdin Ironworks Road, then to Shaw’s Hiker Hostel, Monson, Maine, Jarrod Poet & Kimberly Hippie Chick Hester, Proprietors

We set camp last night right near West Chairback Pond Stream. A nice fairly level primitive campsite with room for two tents. However, sleep proved fretful for me even though I was completely wore out from hiking the rugged trail.

Today will be a very short-mile day, but knowing what’s ahead, time-wise will likely take a while. First off, a steep climb up the ridge then over Columbus Mountain, followed by another climb up and over Chairback Mountain. The end of what little ridge there is on Chairback ends abruptly, to pitch the trail directly down and off the north side through an incredible stacked up jumble of huge boulders. It looks straight down and pretty much is. I don’t want to look down, but I’ve got to look down as I grapple my way. This scares me as much as I’ve been scared in a long time–and yes–a very, very slow go of it today.

More roots, more rocks and off-camber boulder scrambling and we’re finally down and off the mountain at Katahdin Ironworks Road.

On Trail- Trail Magic! Chocolate Chip Cookies and Fresh Fruit! Thanks everyone!

The fine (unexpected) reward for this day–at the road, L. L. Bean employees have set up a table with all kinds of food and refreshments. They’re as happy a bunch of trail angels as I’ve seen. Amazing trail magic. Thanks folks!

L. L. Bean Store Guides, Bangor Outlet Left to Right–Laura, Stacey, Maria, Rachel, (Nathan & Nimblewill), Nick, Jenny, Michelle, Darnell

Great news friends–lab (blood) tests for Lyme disease came back negative. I’ve discontinued the meds, which were really giving me a hard time…


Old age is not a disease –
it is strength and survivorship,
triumph over all kinds of vicissitudes and disappointments,
trials and illnesses.
(Maggie Kuhn)

3 Comments on “Journal 166-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

  1. Very happy to hear about your negative lymes🙏
    Continued good health safe journey and as always thank you for the beautiful photos


  2. Wow, Nimble Will, you are pickin’em up and layin’em down, cookin❣️😎 Shaw’s ummmm❣️😋, and I bet you and Poet have some sweet discussions, Hippie Chick too, being an awesome poet yourself ❤️ you are rounding the 100 mile bend, 👍👍Beautiful photos of the awesome scenery there. Wufff, the rock scramble down the mountain looked rufffff‼️ Praise God you made it safely. May the Lord bless and keep you safe, Nimble Will❣️🙂


  3. That’s good news on the test results, thank the Lord, Lyme Disease is no joke!!
    Congrats, hike on!!


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