Journal 171-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Monday–August 9, 2021
Trail Day–171
Trail Mile–-14.3/1,953.7
Location–Rainbow Lake, Rainbow Spring Primitive Campsite
673.3 Miles Remaining

What an enjoyable and relaxing evening at Nahmakanta Lake–save for the mosquitoes! Nathan prepared another nutritious and delicious hot meal–veggies (home dehydrated) rehydrated in instant mashed potatoes with chicken bits. A dash of salt and pepper, umm-umm!

Our earliest start so far; we’re packs shouldered and hiking at quarter to six. It’s going to be another day of climbing through rocks, roots, and boulders, past bogs and ponds, and up and over. From Nesuntabunt Mountain there’s supposed to be a great view of Mt. Katahdin, but it’s standing in the clouds today. A disappointment! Although by trail it’s still 35 miles distant, as the crow flies Katahdin only 16 miles away. Yup, a disappointment for sure.

And as expected, more rocks, roots, and boulders, more loons–but still no moose; shucks!

What a blessing to have yet another great (rain-free) day for hiking. And we stay at it, right up to four-thirty when we reach Rainbow Spring campsite, our destination. Took another fall today. More a slow tumble; not nasty. Nathan helped me up. The big rocks and roots, they’re no problem. It’s the little buggers I don’t see that cause me trouble. For someone living the dream, you sure wine a lot old man…

Tomorrow we’ll hit the trail early again, as our plan is to reach Abol Bridge. There, we’ll complete our hike through the 100-mile wilderness. Katahdin here we come!

Kimm has made reservation for us at Abol Bridge Campground where she’ll have their neat little No-Bo camper (with penthouse tent) parked. We’ll hike right in there, hopefully by early afternoon…


…your heart and soul don’t live for convenience
they live for exploration,
imagination and the pursuit of dreams.
(Avina Celeste)



2 Comments on “Journal 171-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

  1. I’ve been to Abol Bridge many times (in a car or truck). Love Maine. We have a place in Monson.


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