Journal 170-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Sunday–August 8, 2021
Trail Day–170
Trail Mile–-15.2/1,929.4
Location–Nahmakanta Lake Primitive Campsites

What a memorable time we’ve had in Millinocket. The Appalachian Trail Lodge, owned and operated by Paul & Jaime Renaud–just the finest. Thanks, friends, for making my stay the best!

A long drive back out Jo-Mary to the trail crossing. Another private road. Another toll shack. But we’ve gotten out early, so Kimm has us on trail by seven.

Another glorious day to be out and hiking.

The trail passes numerous ponds and lakes today. Loons are about and we can hear their beckoning call–but no moose. Many low areas with bogs, and bog bridges (puncheons). They are wet from recent rain, which makes passing treacherous. Nathan slips on one, loses his footing and goes in. He comes out wet and a bit muddy, but none the worse for wear.

We’ve more climbing today with plenty of rocks and roots thrown in for good measure. A tiring but exciting day. A diversion and fun time blue blazing (off-trail) a half-mile of gravel-choked and boulder-blocked beach.

Evening we call it a day at the delightful primitive campsite near the outfall of Nahmakanta Lake. A perfect sunset across the calm waters caps this day…


A life of adventure sustains me.
For true happiness,
better the stories to tell
than “things” to have.
(N. Nomad)


2 Comments on “Journal 170-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

  1. Oops, over layed over a photo, I tried to say. Phone doesn’t want me to type that… it changed it again, but I caught it this time.


  2. Can’t read all of this journal entry, it’s seems to be over layed, over a layer,
    Been enjoying your journey. You are such an inspiration. I’ll sure miss your journal entries when you’re finished.


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