Journal 169-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Saturday–August 7, 2021
Trail Day–169
Trail Mile–-9.7/1,914.2
Location–Jo-Mary Road, then to Appalachian Trail Lodge, Millinocket, Paul Ole Man & Jaime Navigator Renaud, Proprietors
703.2 Miles Remaining

A fine evening, another primitive campsite, another (trickle) spring, another relaxing campfire–and no rain! So, after a hot cooked meal prepared by Nathan, we’re able to spend time by the fire before turning in.

First thing this morning we’ve a steady climb over Little Boardman Mountain before dropping down to Crawford Pond and the beginning of (somewhat) flatter terrain.

There are said to be fine vantages from Little Boardman. Looking northeast, on a clear day, Mount Katahdin is visible on the far horizon. Today, though, it’s just too hazy.

Passing ponds the past two days I could hear the far off call of the loon. One is very near as I pass Crawford Pond and the shrillness of its call startles me. Ahh, the quiet out here is grand!

Past the pond the trail picks up an old wagon tote road and follows it all the way to Jo-Mary Road. Hiking this fine trail, we make good time, finishing this short hiking day at noon. Kimm comes for us and we’re soon at the Appalachian Trail Lodge in Millinocket.

Arriving the Lodge, an interesting occurrence. I get to meet Harvey Little Man Sutton, age 5. After considerable discussion with Baxter officials, Josh, Little Man‘s father, has been granted permission for his son to climb Katahdin (children aren’t permitted on the mountain). And so, the soon to be oldest person to ever thru-hike the AT gets his picture taken with the soon to be youngest person to ever thru-hike the AT! Ahh, and in this process, might it be that new marks will soon be established for both young and old–in the human endeavors of goal setting and perseverance!

Nimblewill and Ole Man
Slider and Nimblewill

Evening, Paul & Jaime treat us to supper. Then what a wonderful surprise! My dear friend, Kevin Slider Reardon, has come to see me and to wish me well. We hiked together years ago, on the Pacific Crest and New England Trails. Back at the Lodge, we get caught up on how life’s been treating us these past many years.

Great ending to a mighty fine day…


It’s perseverance that’s the key.
It’s persevering for long enough to achieve…
(Lynn Davies)

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