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Whispers & Shadows

I yearn for the days of the dust blown haze, When the West was an infant child. When the brave, the few, joined lots and threw Their cares to the wind and the wild. Through bone-weary pain, through mud and rain, They traveled, a-trustin’…

A Very Special Day – 09/26/2019

Is mysterious adventure not always intriguing! Twenty one years ago today I climbed Sagamook, a majestic mountain few know anything about or have ever even heard of. At my blog, go to Odyssey ’98. Then look up: Saturday—September 26, 1998 Trail Day—253/13 Trail Mile—3783/221…

Travels with “Eb”

Another throwback video for your enjoyment! “M.J. Eberhart goes by the handle Nimblewill Nomad on the trail. Depending on who you talk to he also goes by Sunny or Eb. He’s hiked all 11 National Scenic Trails – that’s a total of nearly 19,000…

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