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ODYSSEY 2023: DAY 38

Today, Tuesday, April 11, 2023, right at noon, Bart Smith completed his 38-day journey (say hike) up the Chisholm Trail—starting from the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, to end at the old Kansas Pacific Railway Station (thereabouts) in Abilene, Kansas. Although not as planned… Continue Reading “ODYSSEY 2023: DAY 38”

A Historic Side Trip

I would like to express our (Bart, Barry and my) appreciation to Adam Dreher (video creator) and his father-in-law, Bruce Funk, who took us to this historic site, the old Chisholm Trail ruts near Newton, Kansas, then granted permission to post this link to… Continue Reading “A Historic Side Trip”

Odyssey 2023: The Chisholm Trail Hike On!

Nimblewill and his companions Dan Sims, Bart Smith, and Barry Riddle have left the building! Well, they left from the Alamo on March 4th (I just realized there is a pun there) for this year’s Odyssey up the Ol’ Chisholm Trail. Please follow along… Continue Reading “Odyssey 2023: The Chisholm Trail Hike On!”

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