Journal 173-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Wednesday–August 11, 2021
Trail Day–173
Trail Mile–-11.4/1,955.5 
Location–Abol Bridge Campground
661.9 Miles Remaining

From Abol Bridge it’s about a ten-mile hike up the AT from the Baxter State Park boundary to Katahdin Stream Campground. We’re doing that hike today to get positioned to tackle the ascent of Katahdin tomorrow. It proves a gradual and gentle climb alone the West Branch Penobscot River, and from there to follow the Nesowadnehunk tributary on up. We’re dealt more rocks and roots, but are so used to dodging around and through them, their presence distracts little from the enjoyment of following the happily cascading and falling waters.

We’ve also more bog puncheons and mud patches to fret through. In one mud hole I mistakenly step on a wet off-camber rock, and down and in I go. Nathan comes up in time to watch me trying to brush and scrape off some of the bog mud. Going in, I managed to break the top section of my right trekking pole completely in two–and badly bruise my right arm. Nathan loans me one of his poles. I put the busted parts of mine in my pack–and move on.

Early afternoon we reach Katahdin Stream Campground where Kimm soon comes for us.

We’ve a half-hour bumpy ride down the park tote road to Abol. Slider has returned to joins us for supper, a delicious meal prepared by Kimm. He’ll stay the night then join us for the climb in the morning.

Tomorrow, tomorrow–what an exciting time awaits us…


Seize the day boys,
make your life extraordinary.
(John Keating)


4 Comments on “Journal 173-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

  1. Almost there! God bless you as you make the final trek. I am going to miss hearing from you when this is over. What a wonderful experience it has been. Thanks Nimblewill for sharing it with us. Godspeed!


  2. Wow❣️❣️ Nimble Will, you are on the threshold of reaching your goal. Amazing blessing has accompanied you, and now awaits you ❤️ You are tough as they come. As you tell your story and I read your words, I feel a John Muir kindred spirit in you. He was so poetic in his descriptions on our National natural treasures. You write beautiful poetry, and your poets heart comes through in your prose, as well. I’m praying for you to safely summit, and see your dream fulfilled. God bless you mightily, Nimble Will❣️ And I thank God for all the loving folks he has put into your life🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻. Ther is great evidence you have sewn to the Spirit, my brother. The Lord be with you.


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