Journal 195-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Thursday–September 2, 2021
Trail Day–195
Trail Mile–-4.6/2099.0
Remaining Miles–518.4
Location–Bemis Mountain Lean-To

Another night of much needed rest; I slept well in my own private upstairs bedroom (provided by Honey) here at The Cabin.

I manage to get up in time for coffee and a bit of breakfast this morning. Then I’m right back in my room for a couple additional hours of rest. Decision has been made to break the next 13.3 miles, from ME-17 Height of Land to South Arm Road, into two days–for reasons previously mentioned. Thirteen-plus miles would likely result in a long 13+ hour day. Through these rugged mountains with unbelievably rough trail, eight hours is way enough. There’s no way to easily (and equally) split up these 13+ miles. Best is to hike a relatively short day today, 4.6 into Bemis Mountain Shelter, then tomorrow, hike the remainder, over Bemis and Old Blue Mountains, down to South Arm Road.

So, late morning, Rusty, a hiker volunteer here at The Cabin, delivers me back to ME-17, and I’m climbing toward Bemis Mountain Second Peak a little before eleven. Thanks, Rusty!

Plenty of ledges to climb up and mud to bog through. I don’t reach the shelter until four in the afternoon–five hours to cover 4.6 miles. I’m first in, so I’ve first choice of floor space. I choose the lee-side corner, get my bedroll set, go the short distance for water–and call it a day. Taking two days to hike the Bemis Range–wise, not waste.

Hopper thoughtfully prepared and sent along ham, cheese, and bread, plus brownies and M&M snacks. Northbound thru-hikers start coming in just as I finish supper and roll over, snug in my Zpacks quilt (going to get down in the mid 40s up here tonight).


…there is nothing stronger than
…patience and time, they will do it all.
(Leo Tolstoy)

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