Journal 196-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Friday–September 3, 2021
Trail Day–196
Trail Mile–-8.7/2107.7
Remaining Miles–509.7
Location–South Arm Road, then to The Cabin, East Andover, Margery Honey Towne, Proprietor

This is going to be a long (hour-wise), hard (mile-wise) day, so I made the decision last night to get myself up and moving this morning. And hey, a little after seven I’ve got my pack shouldered and I’m on trail (fueled by Jojosmiley‘s cookies)!

As forecast, the temperature dropped last night, into the mid 40s. And even though these shelters are totally open in the front, five hikers packed in managed to keep the place warm. My core temperature is okay with my wind jacket on and hood up this morning, but my fingers have turned to so many sticks. Hard to do–hands in pockets while stumbling the rocks and dodging the mud, but I manage long enough to get my fingers working again, my sticks clicking.

As suspected, I’ve a long, hard pull up and over Bemis Mountain, 800 feet in under two miles. The mountain is poking the clouds and the spruce are sifting moisture from them as the cold wind rains it down. Not a single photo ops up here this morning, but I manage to fall four times. Move on old man!

Early afternoon, as I descend Bemis I look across to get a glimpse of Old Blue Mountain. It’s in the clouds too. And it’s going to be a dandy pull. I pause to look at my Guthook app, over 800 feet in the next mile.

Hard to believe a pile of boulders (which cloak these mountains) could turn what little dirt there is into big time mud bogs. But here they are–and the trail has become so much a creek. More rain as I cross Old Blue. This time the real thing. Late evening, I finally get a couple decent photo ops–as Rusty comes to join then hike back down to South Arm Road with me. Eight hours to hike less than nine miles. Taking two days to hike the Bemis Range; right decision…

So good to see everyone at The Cabin once again! Lasagna for supper…


There are good days
and there are bad days,
and this is one of them.
(Lawrence Welk)

2 Comments on “Journal 196-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

  1. Glad you’re being wise, got thru your leg infection and tick bite, and those rocks and boulders and mud…oh my! You are so amazing and a trooper to boot! Praying for you, good rest, good friends and good hiking with the strength of the Lord! Love following your posts, thanks for taking me along.


  2. Hey!!!
    Wondering if you are on schedule with your itinerary? You will be in my neck of the woods soon (Vt near Killington) if the schedule is accurate & I’d love to connect even if it is to leave a treat someplace!
    Hike on!
    Love Dutchy AT ’98


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