Journal 225-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Saturday–October 2, 2021
Trail Day–225
Trail Mile–-5.5/2272.8
Remaining Miles—344.6
Location–Lyme-Dorchester Road (422.7) Southbound to Goose Pond Road (428.2), then to Hanover Adventure Tours Hostel, Norwich, Vermont, Kimberly Chambers, Proprietor

A very dark morning. Foggy, everything’s wet. It’s well past daybreak when I wake and squint out the bunkhouse window to glimpse the beginning of this day. The decision was made yesterday–we’re hiking today, hopefully, into nothing worse than overcast gloom, which is definitely here.

Another of those not so good goodbye times–dear friends here at Hikers Welcome Hostel–Packrat, Acadicus, Hot Minute what a memorable stay I’ve had with you here at Hikers Welcome Hostel. Thank you, dear friends!

It’s a very long drive for Odie to get us (Kitchen Sink & me) on trail. As usual, we’ve a climb first thing. But we’re not dealt the usual boulder and off-camber ledge scrambles we’ve become so accustomed to, just a steady pull up passable trail. The climb takes better part of an hour to reach Holt’s Ledge, enough time for Odie to drive his bus around to Goose Pond Road, then hike up to meet us near the overlook.

The rain has held off, providing pleasant hiking. We’ve grand views from the Ledge. There are brilliant patches of red everywhere now.

The descent to Goose Pond Road is gradual enough to allow good progress without the risk we’ve had to deal with through the tall mountains to the north. I do manage a tumble though, breaking my three-day run of no falls. The face plant today was caused by lost footing through “Nature’s Ball Bearings,” hundreds of loose, nearly round acorns that clutter the trail. Stepping in a pile of these little darlings sends me skating–then falling. Another nice cut on my right elbow, right next two other recent skid marks.

The rain finally catches us two miles from Goose Pond Road, our destination for today. So, we’re into a little poncho time after all. Ahh, but with all the really grand days racked up during this trek, I’ve certainly no place to complain


I’m never gonna stop the rain by complaining
Because I’m free
Nothing’s worrying me.
(B. J. Thomas)

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