Journal 246-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Saturday–October 23, 2021
Trail Day–246
Trail Mile–7.2/2458.5
Remaining Miles–159.3
Location–County Road (590.4) to MA-2, North Adams (597.6), then to home of Whitman & Anne (Peale) Groves, Williamstown, Massachusetts

I’m looking to this day with much anticipation, for today I’ll put one more of the 15 states that comprise Odyssey 2021 behind me–Vermont.

Barry has us back on trail early (Slim Jim, Kitchen Sink and me). We pass from Vermont into Massachusetts at ten–hopefully, to continue along a bit more friendly trail. And the trail does continue to improve, but by the time we’ve descended to North Adams, I’m suffering such intense pain in my left foot that I’m unable to continue. Decision, reluctantly, is for Barry to take me to North Adams Regional Hospital Emergency. There, I’m taken right in, to be seen by Tracy Martin, CRNP. X-rays and tests are taken. Come to find, the pain I’m suffering now, above the level I’ve been enduring for the past several months, is due to infection in the affected toe. I’m put back on doxycycline (for the third time) and given a prescription for pain–and released. I fill the prescriptions and start the pain meds immediately. What a relief; thank you dear Lord!

Evening, we’re the guests of Whitman and Anne for supper.

I’ll return to the trail in the morning, good Lord willing…


The real man smiles in trouble,
gathers strength from distress,
and grows brave by reflection.
(Thomas Paine)


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