Journal 127-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Saturday–June 26, 2021
Trail Day–127
Trail Mile–-14.0/1,424.9
Location–Snickers Gap, then to Motel 6, Front Royal, AT Mile 1006.2

Quiet neighborhood, pleasant night in the old historic house in Scrabble. Another fine hiker breakfast prepared by Chris. No rush, but we’re moving, headed back to Blue Ridge Mountain Road. I’m hiking into another glorious day at seven-thirty.

This hike today, though only 14 miles, is going to be very wearisome and trying. I’m headed into a notorious section of trail that’s come to be known as “The Rollercoaster.” I’ll get most of it behind me today, but not all of it, as it involves pretty much repeated and uninterrupted climbs of 500 feet through rocks- and boulder-cobbed trail.

At the seven-mile point, Chris and family manage to get in to support me. It’s a hot, humid day. I’ve taken a bad fall in the unending rocks and bummed up my left shin. Chris gets me hydrated and my leg iced down, then I’m right back out in it again.

Afternoon, the rocks and boulders, the continual ups and downs really tire me out. At Bears Den Rocks, Chris, Cameron, and Chris’ friend Albert come to meet me and we hike together down the mountain to Snickers Gap.

In the evening we spend some time in Harpers Ferry before the long ride to Front Royal where Chris has rooms for us at Motel 6.

I try working my journal for the day but don’t get far with that.


The fact that you are still here
Is proof that whatever tried to beat you
just lost.
(Rigel Dawson)

3 Comments on “Journal 127-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

  1. nice write up in ny post

    Meanwhile, an 83-year-old retired optometrist from Alabama named Sunny Eberhart, who prefers to go by his trail name “Nimblewill Nomad,” is currently attempting to break the record for the oldest person to hike the entire journey. His goal is to reach Mount Katahdin in Maine by the second week of September. “This is my last last last hike,” he told North Carolina Public Radio last month.


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