A Path By The Side Of The Road

A special recitation by Nimblewill Nomad
Video by George Orozco of Seattle, Washington

George is an ultra-distance runner, looking to soon thru-hike the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail. A special thank you to George, for the time and effort taken to put together an image and music background for the Nomad’s recitation of this poem/prayer.

7 Comments on “A Path By The Side Of The Road

  1. Hello Nimblewill, Looking forward to seeing you in May!!!!! Your poem here is really wonderful!!!We have a lot of snow to melt here in Maine, but they are predicting 45 degrees this week.Hope you are doing well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nopack



  2. Thank you Nimblewill and George for this perfect recitation and video. God is pleased I am sure. Dena Maguire Young


  3. My goodness but this was soul stirring. What a beautiful tribute, such breathtaking pictures, a beautiful poem and beautiful music to go beside it. Thank you so much. I thoroughly enjoyed this and will pass it on.


  4. That was wonderful Sunny love it! He did a great job of the video thanks for sending it enjoyed it very much. Tammy


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