Journal 203-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Friday–September 10, 2021
Trail Day–203
Trail Mile–-6.0/2142.2
Remaining Miles–475.2
Location–Carlo Col Shelter

Another very difficult goodbye time this morning. Honey, your friendship is such a blessing to me–these many years. I pray the time will come that I’ll get to see you again. For now, so long dear friend!

Hopper gets Odie and me loaded one last time, for the long shuttle run back up the mountain. She has us back to Mahoosuc Notch Trail and we’re headed up the two-mile blue blaze back to the AT, west end of the Notch. Another sad goodbye. Hopper, you’ve provided such needed help to me on this journey. You’ve prepared food for me, you’ve bandaged my wounds, and you’ve shuttled me great distances over the most god-awful roads. Thank you, Hopper–thank you!

We’ve steep, dangerous climbs first thing, up and over South, North, then the main peak, Goose Eye Mountain. Then late afternoon we manage to put Mount Carlo behind us. It’s nearly dark by the time we reach Carlo Col Shelter. The eight miles (counting the two-mile approach) has taken us over ten hours.

There’s room on the upper platform for one more. I move in. Odie prepares a hot nourishing Mountain House meal for me (that he’s carried up the mountain). Supper done–my lights are out-zzzzz.


Feeling tired?
Learn to rest, not to quit.
(Dido Stargaze)


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